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Meet The Crew

One of the most common questions we get asked is "Who is in The Flannel Crew?" Learn more about the legends and ranks below!

The Flannel Crew

Team Riders

The OG's of the crew and veterans that have earned their stripes in the battle to keep freeride alive.


The Flannel Crew


These legends are newer additions to The Flannel Crew that are doing incredible things in the sport.


The Flannel Crew


These legends have been around since day one. Even though they may not be big on the media side of things, they're a huge part of our movement.


The Flannel Crew

Film Crew

These are the legends that help us get you STOKED! Without these humans, there would be no nugs to spread throughout the land.


The Flannel Crew


Future legends of the sport! What are they putting in the water these days? These are younger riders we've scouted that SHRED.

  • Can I join the crew?

    Not at the moment - sorry! We're not trying to be mean, or exclude you. It's just something that started as a tight-knit group of homies and we want to retain that. You're always welcome to ride with us no matter what!

  • Where is the crew from?

    Good question! Although the team was made in Calgary, we are spread out between Cowtown and The Promise Land (Whistler). Everyone is proudly Canadian!

  • How did they get in?

    A few of us started the damn thing, the rest had to pass a test of peak physical fitness and mental strength. Ranging from a mexican stand off with a city bus to eating 26 Costco hot dogs.