We get alot of questions (understandably) about who we are, what we're doing and where we are going. The truth is, we don't really know. We're going to keep riding bikes, spreading the stoke, making movies, and rad flannels. But there are some things we know for sure, and we've answered the questions you may have below!

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Can I join The Flannel Crew?

The short answer is no. The long answer is it's invite only. We only bring on people we've known long enough that we can guarantee that they embody the values of the team and want to ensure a good culture fit. Anyone you see on our "CREW" pages are vetted and solid humans you could introduce to your parents or your boss. They're true ambassadors of the sport! Also, our sponsors don't like the fact we're as big as we are, and are tapped with our current roster. Sorry pals! If you hang out with us enough and support our vision, it may happen organically.

Can I get a sweet deal on a Flannel?

To be honest, we're not a high volume producer and we're trying to ensure we're selling a high quality product (it's a tenet of our brand afterall). Here's a pro tip amigo, subscribe to our email list. Just scroll to the bottom of the page! Any sales we have will be announced there. Also, we do sell them a smidge cheaper and can save you the shipping if you come to an event.

How can I track my order?

If you check your emails, there should be one sent for confirmation and directly after. Both will have a tracking link. We apologize for any delays getting your order out, this is a secondary thing for us and many of us have full time jobs. If it's urgent, please let us know and we'll do our best to expedite it!

What's your return policy?

We have a 69-Day Shredisfaction Guarantee. If you're not happy with the product, we'll give you your money back if you ship it back to us. Fair and square!

However, if you shrink it in the dryer or wipe out trying a new trail feature for the first time, that's on you. Sorry pal. We will give you a discount to replace it though!

Think of it like a crash warranty on your bike.

Where are you located?

Our home base is in Calgary, Alberta. We don't have an office, warehouse or similar. It's literally our garages. We're a home based business.

When does Moose Mountain Road open?

May 15th. The same as every year. Thank you for searching for this and not pestering the folks at MMBTS for an answer LOL.

Will you ever stop partying?

Hell no.

How do you give back?

Good question! We donate a portion of our profits every year to local trail societies to keep the trails alive. It's not a 1% rule or anything like that, but to put it in perspective - it costs us roughly $1200 to run a movie premiere and we donate the ticket sales to the trails. We also are broke as heck. We'll let you do the math.